Products  Rotating Pulverizer series
Rotating Pulverzer series
Dynamic power, Durable structure, Speedy motion,
Easy Maintenance
1. Superior rebar heat treatment by large opening width compared with the same level competitors, of course, it`s very light and
    maximized the working efficiency by fast motion.

2. The cylinder manufactured by special sealing structure demonstrates the dynamic power and managed to save
    the maintenance cost by superior durability (applied the cylinder protection system)

3. The jaw and tooth built with a durable material and heat treatment are very light and maximized the prevention
    of the abrasion, and lengthen more life-span.

4. All the injected parts are finished by special sealing treatment and the grease can be injected smoothly andminimized
    the abrasion of the pin and bushing.
weight kg 1,600 2,000 2,600
Ib 3,527 4,409 5,732
Opening width mm 798 886 957
inch 31 34.88 37.68
Operating pressure kg/cm2 260 300 320
psi 3660 4226 4550
Suitable Excavator ton 16~22 18~26 26~32

     - This specification is subject to chang with out prior notice, depending on the quality improvement etc.