Company  Greeting
Dear Sirs,

We, MAJORTEC, wish to express our sincere
gratitude for your visit to our website sharing
your valuable time with us to see our products
of Fixed Pulverizers, Rotating Pulverizers, Fixed
Crushers, Rotating Crushers, Fixed Shears,
Rotating Shears, Various Jaw Changing Systems
and many other attachment products for
Demolitions and Mining Jobs.
With the technology developments and experiences background in the field of various attachments to construction equipments over 30 years in domestic and international markets, our prime objects are to provide the most advanced and optimum equipments to customers in line with company policy of offering priority customer services and products support system.

Research and development toward better quality, performance, variority models with maximum cost saving to produce the economically satisfactory priced products to meet customer's requirement will be continued with the spirit of customer satisfaction and services first in the rapidly changing marketplace.

We are committed ourselves to provide you with satisfaction and credibility for success and prosperity to be a leading power in your society of demolition and construction works.

Sincerely yours,

The Management